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We Need You!

If you're interested in contributing to Sewzine read on - everyone is welcome!


You dont need to have any special skills or experience just a passion to communicate with the sewing world. 


The rules

Content must be:

  • related to garment sewing

  • well-researched


What we want

Well researched informative and/or entertaining articles 

Interviews with interesting folk 

Personal stories or anecdotes

We welcome pieces that discuss and debate more difficult 

What we dont want

Product or event reviews


Patterns or projects


Read the zine to get an idea of astehtics

We love hearing your stories! If you are interested in submitting something to us, we encourage you to first familiarize yourself with our pages by spending some time with an issue or two. If you are already familiar with our magazine, please consult our editorial calendar (right) to see if your submission would work well with one of our upcoming themes. All submissions, and questions about submissions, should be sent to: (Read our Frequently Asked Questions below for many more details about submitting.)

Terms and Payment

We ask for non-exclusive, one-time, worldwide rights to publish your work in print and digital formats, and then to archive it indefinitely.

We pay on acceptance, via PayPal, at these rates:

Payment is by bank transfer in the UK, Paypal or Transferwise if you are abroad.

What we publish

What we dont publish

Who can submit

How to submit
Download submission guidelines and template

How often do we publish

We do not accept previously published work.

Can you tell me what you’re looking for in submissions?

An editor will contact you only if your artwork is selected for publication. You will receive a complimentary copy of the magazine your artwork appears in. Competitive compensation is provided for published feature articles (exclusions apply based on publication; contact editor for details). Artwork accepted for a specific publication is published as soon as practical. We receive a high volume of submissions, and a submission may be better suited for a future issue or a different publication, so we may request to hold your piece for several months, and it may be several months until it appears in an issue. We will take excellent care of your artwork, but we cannot be held responsible for damage or loss due to circumstances beyond our control.